Friday, January 24, 2014

Working on Jewelry for a Vintage Wedding Show

Here are two wonderful Victorian sterling silver charms (love these!) on vintage silver neck chains.  They were so special, I didn't want to do anything but let them stand alone.

I've signed up to do a vintage wedding show in March. It's the Plucky Maidens - Get Hitched Bridal Show (two different links there) and wanted to share a few of the pieces I'm working on. I've never done a show of this kind, only Teddy Bear shows- really! and that was YEARS ago. Quite different, but somewhat the same. Less fuzzy, for sure, but still just as many sleepless nights wondering how it will all look and come together?!?! This show has 10 X 10 booths, where I've only ever had the option of tables at bear shows. My dining table is now covered with maybes- maybe this, maybe that? Plus I just found out I can't rent tables and have to buy them- will it all fit in the car? ? ?

Anyway, back to show and tell. This statement necklace also has a lovely Victorian sterling focal, with amethyst beads and rhinestones rondelles. The purple of the amethysts doesn't show up in this less than great iPhone photo. Just one of these, no more.
Earrings! A mix of vintage stampings with everything from moonstones (yum), freshwater pearls, semiprecious gems and vintage glass rhinestones.
Here I've used a delicate vintage silver steel cut piece with freshwater pearls. One of a kind.
I really love these vintage bird stampings with the pearls and crystals. I think they would be lovely for anyone in a bridal party, that includes mom's too!
 How do you tame a dragon? Make it your necklace focal! One of a kind necklace with Victorian sterling silver dragon with crystals and agates and rhinestones, oh, my....
Big stunning black crystals and gold edged crystals hanging from brass beetles. Why not?
Crossing decades, here are two elegant salvaged Victorian sterling silver connectors combined with a dangle from a 50's earring. This is the only pair.

That's all I have photographed, so far.  Now back to digging through my vintage goodies and see what else needs to find it's way together.