Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pendleton Wool Denim Jackets

This has become my go-to baby gift. 
I hand embroidered the name of Little Miss Isabelle, who will be making her appearance sometime the first week of November (or earlier?) on this tiny jean jacket. On the card are hair bows made of Pendleton Wool. Miss Isabella will fit right in with the Portland hipsters. 

The Pendleton wool on the back of this jacket was washed before stitching, so the jacket will be washable. Important for kids clothes!
These gifts have been so warmly received (pun intended) that I made up more.

This child's size 4 is for sale at Boys' Fort in downtown Portland, Oregon.
Here are four more denim jackets in children's sizes that will also be heading to Boys Fort. 
If there is any interest in adult sizes, I'll also be adding those to the line up.
So, if you have a baby shower, birthday or hey, even need a Christmas present (sorry to scare you with the thought that it's just around the corner) and don't live in the Portland Oregon area, just drop me a note at Bad Monkey House and I can tell you what sizes I have available. 

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