Monday, October 6, 2014

New Antique Wardrobe

Just picked up our new antique wardrobe from The Furniture Girl a few blocks away. Funny how the name gradually changed from wardrobe to armorie. All fancy and stuff. Like when did a master bath become an ensuite? Probably for the same reason, the price. 
The BMH moving and everything else 1968 Rooster Run Chevy C110 pick up, pretty cool isn't it? Bought it on eBay, no lie. Shipped out from back east or the mid west, I don't remember.  All that great hand painting was on it. Rooster Run, Ky is an actually place. I've managed to find snap back hats, thimbles, a clock, jacket a T-shirt and more. Funny thing is that one of the T-shirts was in England. 

Moving it from The Furniture Girl's shop, a few blocks away was easier than what came next. 
Rearranging to find it's just right spot was what took time. Of course the temp was in the near 90's and this old house has a large tree for shade, instead of AC, so I was hot and tired by the time I finished all the moving and cleaning. Funny how it was like dominos falling... move one and you have to move three other things. 

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