Thursday, August 6, 2015

Znetshows Cultured Sea Glass Summer Design Challenge

 I haven't done one of these design challenges for a while and thought this would be a good way to kick myself in the head and get me working on some new jewelry.
The way this challenge worked is we were to chose up to six different styles of the Znetshows cultured sea glass and design a piece of summer jewelry that featured it.  These are in the summer Znet Creative Spark issue in the Upcycled section. 
The blue and white that said sea & summer to me.

 Surprise! they sent way more shapes, colors and styles.  

So my design consultant and I got down to business.  That's Westin, he's SO much help.

 For the focal I used P35 (P35-B31) Cultured Sea Glass sun dial freeform pendant, about 53X22mm triangle in sky blue color or 31- Light Sapphire.
The white sea glass is their S45 (S45-B42SFIVE) in 42-Opaque White, about 18X17mm
My repurposed pieces are Kuchi tribal coins and recycled African glass beads. There are also silver plated rondels, embossed zinc beads and leather. 

 This necklace also has the same sea glass focal with Kunci coins, African recycled glass, chain and leather. 
 The sweet little focal has been recycled from an enameled broken pin that was part of a Victorian morning piece.  The drops are Znetshows P48-B43 - Cultured Sea Glass in 43-Opaque Seafoam Green  
At the bottom of the teardrops are 86- Moonstone Opals, S03 (S03-86Five):Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 4mm. 

  The small round beads are 86- Moonstone Opals, S03 (S03-86Five):Cultured Sea Glass round Beads 4mm. 
The teardrops are the same as in the above necklace, P48-B43 - Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round 43-Opaque Seafoam Green.  
Hanging from the closure is an orange and white kitten paw sea shell, a Znet PMX3-B88 - Cultured Sea Glass double-hole flat freeform mix Pendants two hole varies 88 - Light Aqua `Coke` bottle Seafoam, 
a large Znet glass round pearl BDS 1894-01 and a tiny Znet glass pearl. 

This bracelet has round wood beads, tubular bone beads, silver plated rondels, 
S77-B28 - Cultured Sea Glass teardrop round Beads About 38x9mm 28-Turquoise Bay. 
Hanging from the closure are a drilled beach stone, an orange and white kitten paw sea shell and another Znet glass pendant.
There's much more to see over at the on line magazine right here!

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