Thursday, October 31, 2013

Found Object Neckwear

Here's a small sample of a few of the found objects I made into neck chains or necklaces. The hunt is always on for more.
A school key from 1943 with the initials M.R.I. on the back. I can't read the Latin on the key, but maybe you can?

100 year old miniature antique German Frozen Charlotte dug from the earth near an old factory, mother of pearl disk and Victorian gold bead, now a necklace. A bit of history to wear around your neck. 

 Got Sparks? Vintage Eisemann spark plug tool.

Cartographer's tool, used to measure distance on a map. This one is from England. Great for that next road trip when you forget your iPhone and the GPS doesn't work in your car and you just happen to have an actual paper map! Or you have a great conversation starter when someone asks if that is a clock  around your neck.

"For Eisemann" is stamped into this tiny wrench. This is a fun guy gift.

Very small brass lock with turquoise, red coral and what I think is coconut shell. It was on a broken necklace I picked up in a thrift shop and wasn't marked. This is great by itself or layered with another longer piece.

Do you know what this is? I had one and used to wear it around my neck on a piece of string.

Every Saturday we stayed at my Grandma's house.  She only lived a few blocks from our house, but her block had sidewalk all the way around it. It was prime for roller skating.

At least until 12:30pm or so... then it was time to gather up my younger sisters and walk downtown to go to the afternoon movies that started at 1pm. Two movies with cartoons sandwiched in the middle and previews, so we were busy until at least 4, maybe 5pm and by then our mom was through work.

I can't see or think of a skate key without hearing this song in my head .....

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