Saturday, August 16, 2014

Florence, An Antique Banjo Neck

This is a lovely old banjo neck that appears to be covered in some type of early plastic, maybe Bakelite? This old gal will soon be making beautiful music again when she hooks up with an equally handsome vintage wood box with the help of Mr. Blind Buddha Guitars. 

On an update from the last post, I figured out what I was doing wrong and can now add phone pictures! I didn't know there was a special app just for blogging (like there isn't an app for everything else,  right?) and I'd been trying to access it from my iPhone web connection. Now to see if this will have me sharing more...?!

Instagram is where you can find way more BMH photos, but I know many people that don't do the daily IG shuffle. If you do, there is a link on the side here to see more of the goings on and other nonscience and images, including cat pictures (naturally). 


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