Saturday, August 23, 2014

Quick Blueberry Cake

A quick and easy and low low low isugar dessert. 
This is a simple dessert or snack that I've adapted from the many mug cakes. I don't use a mug, I use a small Pyrex or glass bowl. 
Take one box of sugar free cake mix of any flavor or brand and one box of Angelfood cake mix and put them both into a large zip lock bag.  Now shake it up good! There. This is the base for your cake. This mix will make dessert for a long time. I've never measured out how many bowls, but it keeps well zipped up in the bag. If you camp, this is a quick treat to have ready ahead of time. 
I love blueberries. They are grown around here and in season now, so the price of them is quite reasonable. In the winter, I use frozen. 
Measurements - it is up to you. For this one I used 1/3 cup, but normally I use 1/4 cup. Just use equal amounts of your secret mix and water, plus the same of any frozen or fresh fruit or double the fruit (I do like berries). 
If I am using frozen berries, I add them last, after mixing the water into the cake mix with a fork. 
Uncooked mixed cake. When you use frozen, the berries add color to the cake. Don't limit yourself to white cake, I've used chocolate, lemon and red velvet, so far. I also occasionally add different spices- cinnamon, nutmeg,'s cake, whatever you like is good. ;) 
Pop it in the micro for one minute. If you don't add fruit, cut the time back to 45 seconds or less. Frozen berries take longer, I start with 1 minute and 15-25 seconds. You'll have to play with time. 
Here it is after one minute. It needed a little more time (I doubled the berries) but it tasted fine this way. 
Everything's better with Ice cream! This is Blue Bunny sugar free. After trying several brands, we found this one to be our favorite. So by using a sugar free cake mix and sugar free ice cream, the only processed sugar you are getting is from the Angel food cake mixed into that tiny 1/4 or 1/3 cup of mix. Of course, you don't need to use a sugar free, but it is another choice from the usual. Whipped cream is another option or adding berries afte the cake is cooked, too. 

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